Financial Life Planning – Income Protection – Investment Planning

Smart Finance takes a holistic approach to personal finance known as Financial Life Planning. This involves the commitment to our clients of always taking a client centered approach and to discover their key goals before developing financial recommendations for them.

Having access, at all times, to the right amount of money in emergency savings, retirement savings, and insurance coverage underpins the approach taken in Financial Life Planning. This is why Income Protection is so important as it provides income certainty which along with good health allows us to plan ahead with confidence and to achieve our key goals.

Maintaining the ‘life style‘ we want by having access to the right amount of money as we move from one phase of our lives to the next also involves having the right Investment Planning approach that focuses on your ‘Attitude to Risk‘ and your ‘Capacity to take Risk‘. Once we assess both of these and clearly define them, it will allow you, not only to see your money as providing a safety net but also as a means to enabling you to achieve your key goals and to accomplish great things.