About You

We look to work with a select group of clients who share our ‘core vision‘ and who have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • They get what life is about and have a good understanding of the key goals they want to achieve.
  • They have a strong desire to engage with a suitably qualified professional and to construct a plan of action to achieve these key goals.
  • They want to work in partnership with us to manage their money and preserve their wealth so that they can focus on and enjoy other aspects of their lives.
  • They generally have a need for Financial Life Planning and have assets that are available for investment or have earnings at a sufficient level that warrants this level of advice.
  • They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are actively working towards retirement either in their own business or in someone elses or who are currently enjoying retirement and need some additional advice.
  • They need and value our services and are therefore willing to pay our fees for the benefits we bring in organising their financial lives.

We often work with individual business owners, business partners, individuals, couples, and where necessary whole families in order to carry out financial planning through to all generations.