Why invest?

On completion of the Financial Life Planning review the answer to this question will be  relatively straight forward. Once we identify your key goals, for example, funding education expenses for children, having sufficient money available for dream holidays, or having sufficient liquid money available to sustain your current lifestyle both now and in retirement, the answer becomes easier.

At Smart Finance we find that most clients, in order to make the achievement of their goals easier, require a long-term return from their retirement and investment plans in excess of the return that is currently available from cash. This approach allows our clients maintain or improve their current lifestyle while ensuring that they have sufficient money or liquid assets available to them as they move from one phase of their lives to the next.

We believe that the approach we take to investing is an effective method by which to achieve the long-term returns that our clients require from the money they have available to invest. This approach also ensures that our clients avoid many of the Investment Biases that proved so costly in the past and have the potential of proving very costly again in ther future.