When starting a new job

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Register on Revenue's on-line system, MyAccount.ie    Transfer Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut Off to new employer.   Join Company Pension & Protection Schemes to take advantage of (i) tax breaks on personal contributions into a pension and contributions your employer maybe willing to make (ii) Group Life Cover & Income Protection and (iii)

Households have saved an extra €10bn this year alone

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While additional household savings of €10bn in 2020 alone and €120bn held on deposit overall makes for interesting reading, it also highlights why many people receive very little in return on their savings. We can help by discussing your specific goals with you, segmenting your savings to ensure short and medium terms goals are covered

Budget Day Tax Tips

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Charlie Weston's article outlines 10 measures to tip the scales in our favour and reduce tax bills in the months and years ahead. It is possible to backdate some of the measures for a period of up to four years which provides a second opportunity to assess if a tax refund is due. https://www.independent.ie/business/budget/charlie-westons-beat-the-budget-10-ways-you-can-save-with-a-few-simple-changes-37394708.html Source

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