Our approach provides our clients with added reassurance and confidence.

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a client-centred approach that focuses on helping our clients identify and achieve the goals that are important and unique to them.

Our holistic approach enables our clients to understand what they need to maintain and enhance their current lifestyle. We assist them with the important decisions they need to make and provide them with a better sense of how their finances work.

Our Lifestyle Financial Planning service Smart Finance 360° combines advanced financial planning tools with experience and knowledge of protection, retirement planning, investments, estate planning and day-to-day finances and budgeting to deliver a plan that is tailored to your needs.

Smart Finance 360°

Stage 1: Life Planning
  • Your current financial position

  • Identify your key goals

Stage 2: Financial Planning
  • Prepare initial report

  • Outline your current financial position

  • Recommendations to strengthen your financial position and move you closer to attaining key goals

Stage 3: Implementation and On-going Support
  • We help to implement recommendations outlined in your plan

  • We provide on-going support to ensure that your plan is kept up-to-date to take account of any changes that occur

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