The advice we provide will keep you fully informed on all aspects of retirement planning.

Retirement Planning is a core consideration in your lifestyle financial plan. Due to the complexity of schemes and options available we engage with you to provide professional and unbiased advice and assist you to set up the retirement plan that is most appropriate for your needs.

In addition, we will also discuss your retirement goals and work with you to build a retirement fund in line with those goals.

Before incorporating your retirement plan into your lifestyle financial plan we will:

  • Assess existing arrangements you have in place.

  • Assess current salary level and highlight the importance of maximising tax relief.

  • Identify your risk appetite and capacity to take risk and develop an appropriate investment strategy.
  • Compare and contrast personal and company pension arrangements and identify which is the most appropriate for you.
  • Compare and contrast life company, self-administered and self-directed schemes.
  • Outline available retirement options.

Our knowledge of pension arrangements gives you the assurance that our recommendations will be tailored to fit comfortably into your lifestyle financial plan. The following are some of the pension schemes we can advise you on and arrange for you:

  • Personal Pensions for Self-Employed Individuals.
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)
  • Company Pensions for Business Owners, Company Directors and Employees.
  • Self-Administered and Self-Directed Schemes.
  • Group Pension Schemes.

  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) where there are non-pensionable earnings.
  • Pension Consolidation via Pension Transfers and Pension Buy-Out Bonds.
  • Review of Defined Benefit Schemes and evaluating whether or not to transfer out.

  • Annuities and Approved Retirement Funds.
  • Overseas Arrangements & Transfers.

Allow us to apply our knowledge and experience to help you develop a retirement strategy that fits your lifestyle financial plan.